2:00 PM Water cooler 11/21/2022 | Naked capitalism

by Lambert Strether from Corrente

Sick readers, I have to finish a post on Twitter. Speak among yourselves! This is an open topic. Alambert

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Contact information for plants: readers, feel free to contact me at Lambert [UNDERSCORE] coats [DOT] series [AT] Hey ho [DOT] com, to (a) figure out how to send me a check if you’re allergic to PayPal and (b) figure out how to send me pictures of plants. It’s okay with vegetables! Fungi and corals are plants of honor! If you want your ID to appear as a credit, please put it at the beginning of your mail in brackets: (so). Otherwise, I will anonymize myself using your initials. See our previous water cooler (with plant) here. From AG:

The AG writes: “The plant is the fragrant-smelling horseradish (Agastache urticifolia), which grows at elevations higher than the Sierras. Those were at 5,600 feet, in a meadow near some seeps. Plants can range in height from 3 feet to more. of six feet in favorable conditions.The bird is a Rufus hummingbird, feeding on its migration from Canada to parts of the south.There has been a significant decline in their numbers as the low elevation migratory feeding areas–too far between the remaining “islands” have been wiped out… Although we grow a lot of Epilobium of them on our property, we’ve only seen one this year…”

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readers: Water Cooler is an independent entity Not Covered by NC’s annual fundraiser. So if you see a link that you particularly like, or an item that you haven’t seen anywhere else, please don’t hesitate to express your appreciation concretely. Remember, the tip jar is for the tip! Regular positive feedback makes me feel good and lets me know I’m on the right track in terms of coverage. When I don’t get donations for five or ten days I worry. Concretely, the constant trickle of donations helps me with expenses, and I keep this in mind when setting my fundraising goals:

This is the screen that will appear, which I helpfully annotated:

If you hate PayPal, you can email me at lambert [UNDERSCORE] coats [DOT] series [AT] Hey ho [DOT] com, and I’ll give you directions on how to send a check. Thank you!

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