5 teens arrested after a mob attacked an MBTA station in Forest Hills

Transit police said three girls were arrested Monday after a group of Boston Public School students attacked an officer. Two other teenagers were arrested on Tuesday.

It happened just before 4pm at the Forest Hills MBTA station.

Transit police said there were about “40-50 young men” loitering inside the station. An officer approached the group and told them to leave.

Instead, the police said, the group “violently beat the officer,” kicking and punching him.

When the officer fell to the ground, the teens allegedly continued to kick and drag him.

Additional Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police and Transit Police responded to help.

The police arrested three girls, ages 14, 15 and 16. They were charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a police officer.

The teens were released on a personal acknowledgment with conditions in which they observed home confinement except for school, and a stay away from Forest Hill T station and the co-defendants.

The police did not release any other information about the two minors who were arrested on Tuesday.

Transit police said, “We will not tolerate such behavior and will arrest those who engage in such criminal and socially violent behavior.”

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