A 13-year-old artist turns her passion into a full-fledged work

Think back to what you were doing at age 13. For many of us – 13 means friends, video games, and maybe a little shopping.

For Emily Pisano – 13 means honing her skills, enhancing her work, and developing her art.

“When I first started drawing, it started more like sketching and painting on canvas,” Emily explained.

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Some paintings by Emily Pisano.

Traditional art turned into more creative pieces.

Emily started collecting wood pieces to paint.. then she ventured into handmade jewelry.

Her most popular pieces consist of acrylic paint lying on canvas, then using a hairdryer as a paintbrush.


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Emily Pisano creates a piece of art with paint and a hair dryer.

“It looks really cool and blends together and looks like tie dye,” she said.

Her most unique pieces now are bowls made of torn, tightly rolled magazine pages in various shapes and sizes.


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One of Emily Pisano’s unique dishes created using magazine pages.

“I can see my development, I think,” Emily said with a laugh.

The lake, located just a block from their home, provides endless hours of inspiration—sunsets, in particular.


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13-year-old artist and entrepreneur Emily Pisano draws inspiration from the lake.

Behind every brilliant artist and entrepreneur, there are a couple of proud parents.


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Emily Pisano’s parents, Molly and Matt.

“Since she was a little girl, we’ve seen her creative side,” said dad Matt.

It’s not just creativity that keeps Emily busy.

The 13-year-old takes her goods to sell at local markets – most recently Vermillion’s in the Park.


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13-year-old artist and entrepreneur Emily Pisano sells her art in the local market.

The lessons she learns, Matt said, are “nothing a classroom can give you…she gets to be an entrepreneurial part of it, and learn how to make a little money with her passion and hobby.”

For Mum Molly, it’s as if the tables have literally turned.

“It’s great to see my little mate shopping and now she’s on the other side of the stall selling her wares.”

With the full support of her parents, including allowing her to take over the family as her art expanded, Emily’s art is now a business.

The reactions to her only inspire her to continue and grow.

“I love that it’s so different, how I came up with the idea myself, it was my own inspiration,” Emily said.

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