A couple gets a surprise visit from a snake after it gets out of the engine

A couple, who were returning home after a vacation, discover their car has become home to an unwelcome guest when a snake escapes from the engine.

Kerry Jenkins, her partner and child were driving home to Forster in northern New South Wales after a holiday near Coffs Harbour, when a bright green-looking snake began slithering across the hood and onto the windshield.

Originally revealed in the now viral TikTok with over three million likes, Ms. Jenkins and her partner responded aggressively to confronting the snake, especially after it appeared to slam violently against a car’s windshield.

“Oh, it’s a green (tree) snake,” she cried, “darling, you have to stop.” “So I can go out.”

Her partner refused to stop the car, despite his fear.

“It’s very scary,” he said. I don’t go out. Do they bite? “

The couple slowed the car as they exited the motorway and although there was no sign of a snake in the car anymore, Mrs. Jenkins said “I don’t think it got out. It wasn’t on the road.”

Turns out her initial instinct was correct, in a follow-up video, she explains in the caption that her and her partner assumed the snake was “just going to fly” and didn’t think it was going to last long. ”

Once we pulled over, we could see it was still hanging on the front grill. It slid to the floor and then back under the engine. “A fellow guy helped us out without success.”

Once home, the family waited all night and despite searching again for the snake the next day, found nothing and assumed the snake had escaped.

But as of yesterday, Ms. Jenkins claimed that when her partner opened the hood the snake was “sitting on top of the engine, my partner dropped the hood scared (massive python phobia) I opened it again and we could see its tail slithering back into the crevice”.

“A normal day in Australia,” one user said in the comments.

Another user created and wrote a funny pun “It’s okay, it’s a window viper.”

Originally published as Traumatized couple react aggressively to a surprise visit from a snake

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