A man pleads guilty to an attack by whites on King Charles III

A 21-year-old man was fined on Friday after admitting to throwing an egg at King Charles III during a royal rally last year.

Harry May, 21, of Luton, north London, was fined 100 pounds ($122) and ordered to pay costs of 85 pounds after pleading guilty to a public order offence.

The incident occurred when Charles, 74, was in Luton on December 6 to meet community leaders and open a new Sikh temple.

Visiting Charles in “Bad Taste”

Prosecutor Jason Settle said the egg, dropped by May, fell near Charles while he was talking to local residents.

He said May had told police he had thrown her out because he “thought the King’s visit to a town like Luton, a poor and disadvantaged district, was in bad taste”.

Chief Justice Paul Goldspring told May during a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court: “Whatever dispute you have with someone, the way to resolve it is not to throw projectiles at them.”

Watch out: King Charles narrowly avoids being hit by whites in York

The judge said he agreed May was not trying to hit the king with the egg, but said the attack was “planned” and “aimed at” Charles.

The attack came less than a month after several eggs were thrown at Charles and his wife Camilla in the northern English city of York in November.

None of the whites hit Charles, and he was taken away by the attendants.

Next appearance in court

Police arrested the alleged attacker, 23-year-old college student Patrick Thelwell.

He was later released on bail on the condition that he not carry eggs in public except while shopping.

Thelwell will appear in court in York, northern England, next Friday.

Charles became king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September. She was buried after a state funeral and 10 days of national mourning.

But there were some protests against the hereditary monarchy under which Charles held the head of state.

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