A McDonald’s toilet in Japan that washes your smartphone is sinking, making people feel the future

Usually when McDonald’s makes waves on the Japanese side of Twitter it’s because of exciting seasonal releases like delicious rice or the Mobile Suit Gundam burger, but this time it’s a toilet where people are talking.

how black (@shao1555) recently shared a file video They were taken into the restroom at the McDonald’s they visited (as dangerous as that sounds, don’t worry, it’s clean!), because they were surprised by the system implemented in the sink. When Black went to wash their hands, they noticed that there was something unusual right next to it, and when reading the instructions, they were surprised by its purpose –

– To wash your phone!

“At McDonald’s nowadays, they not only have a place to wash your hands, but a place to wash your smartphone as well…”

Just as the Sawada video shows, some McDonald’s in Japan have installed sink systems with a slot that “washes” your smartphone. It’s a system called WOSH developed by the Japanese company WOTA.

WOSH is a sustainable handwashing stand that, along with a reusable aquarium, uses a hydro-cycle system and deep ultraviolet lights to disinfect your smartphone. WOTA says that in just 30 seconds, WOTA delivers 99.9% sanitization to your phone – which means you can wash your phone when you wash your hands.

Given how much we touch our smartphones, the amount of tables we’ve put on them (like McDonald’s where hundreds of people eat every day), and put them on our faces, it’s definitely a respectful setting that can help maintain hygiene. While WOSH can be installed anywhere, many were surprised to see something so “futuristic” in a McDonald’s toilet, and left dazzling comments about the new technology:

“Oh my God, I’ve never seen this before! Just looking at it makes me want to put my phone in it.”

“Smartphone sanitizing…great, it’s not like I’m cleaning my device at home, so that’s a good idea.”

“Am I the only one who gets excited to watch the smartphone go in and out?”

“It makes me realize how touching my phone is.”

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