A new export plan will be launched in NEC

Export stakeholders will meet on December 7 to discuss ways to implement a new export plan aimed at expanding export demand and easing supply-side constraints on expansion as they continue to grapple with challenges, particularly in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) for the administration from 2023 to 2028 is scheduled to be launched during the National Export Conference (NEC) at the Philippine International Convention Center, the culmination activity of the annual National Exporters Week (NEW).

“The next Philippine Export Development Plan is even more robust, highlighting technology and stronger collaboration towards innovation, skill upgrading and integration to help counter the negative impacts of issues such as red tape, supply chain disruptions, increasing business costs, climate change and other challenges,” said Sergio Ortiz Luis. Junior, President, Federation of Philippine Exporters (Felixport).

The new PEDP aims to transform the Philippines from an exporter of commodities and intermediate goods into an exporter of high-value products and services.

It is set to take an industry development-focused approach to enhance export competitiveness by attracting export-oriented investments in innovation-driven sectors to further diversify products and services.

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During their keynote address, Ortiz Luis will address leveraging PPP while Minister of Commerce and Export Development Council President Alfredo Pascual will talk about an industry development-focused approach for export growth, sustainability and competitiveness.

“Thematic discussions and activities during 2022 NEW aim to enable Filipino exporters, particularly MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium) as they navigate their export journey to develop their products and services, develop their marketing and promotional strategies, and present them to their customers,” said Glenn Peñaranda, Associate Trade Promotion Group Secretary.

Silito Habito, Chairman of The Economist and Brain Trust, and Chair of the PEDP Planning Facilitation Team, will present the new export plan during this year’s NEC.

Secretary of the National Agency for Economics and Development Arsenio Balisacan, Minister of Finance Benjamin Diokno and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Mercedita Sombilla were invited to participate in the reaction of the committee.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is also expected to deliver the “Exporting as the Lynchpin Economic” keynote at the event.

The EDC Council is set to start signing the Statement of Commitment to Implement the Economic and Social Development Plan from 2023 to 2028.

The topics of the discussion sessions in the conference are the international trade environment: the current scene, opportunities and prospects. International Trade Policies: Why and How Exports Matter; and the legislative agenda: towards recovery, integration, and economic development.

This year’s NEW theme will focus on Paving the Way for “Exporting Breakthroughs”. This theme underscores the need to harness the experience, expertise and knowledge of both public and private stakeholders in international trade to build on our competitive advantage, gain agility and flexibility, and instill a competitive mindset among all stakeholders to achieve/achieve export breakthroughs.

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