A Nigerian street vendor was beaten to death in Italy as witnesses stood by

Mr. Ferlazzo, a 32-year-old factory worker, is being held on charges of murder and theft because he took Mr. Ogorchukwu’s mobile phone after the incident. Matteo Luconi, Macerata’s chief police investigator overseeing the case, said in a phone interview that an autopsy later this week will determine the cause of death. He added that nothing emerged from their investigations indicating “elements of racial hatred”. Police statement He said the “motive to kill” seemed to be traceable to “trivial reasons”.

In addition to her violence and onlookers, The murder struck a chord as the Marchesa region, where Civitanova is located, was the scene of gruesome crimes against immigrants. In February 2018, a right-wing Italian sympathizer shot and wounded six African migrants in Macerata, about 19 miles from Civitanova Marche, making the city a bastion of intolerance. Two years earlier, a Nigerian man was murdered in Fermo, just south of Civitanova, after trying to defend his wife from racist slurs.

The Italians would leave bouquets of flowers, pot plants, and handwritten papers at the place of the fatal beating. “Stop racism,” Read one note.

In an email, Mr. Ferlazzo’s lawyer, Roberta Bizzarri, said: She said her client, his girlfriend and his mother “felt pain” over what happened, adding that Mr Ferlazzo had “a frank psychiatric disorder, an admittedly borderline diagnosis”. She also said that “this very sad story” was “not a racist issue”.

Fabrizio Ciarapica, Mayor of Civitanova Marche, met Mr. Ogorchukwu’s widow on Saturday, and on Sunday, the municipal administration approved a proposal to help the family. Funds were set aside to help pay for funeral costs and open a bank account for donations. “Society is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need,” Mr. Kiarabika said in a statement sent on Sunday.

The mayor also pledged to “protect the image and values ​​of Civitanova, which has always been a civilized, hospitable, generous, peaceful and supportive city that is dismayed and saddened by a relationship alien to its character and soul.”

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