A suburban Chicago couple gets an adopted daughter after the agency closes

Chicago (CBS) – Five years ago, CBS 2 told you about a suburban couple who are shattered when their adoption agency suddenly closes, ending their dreams of adopting another child.

But now, they have a reason to give thanks this holiday season. CBS 2’s Maribel Gonzalez was there when their long journey finally came to an end.

This Friday falls the day before National Adoption Day. But for the Hickey family, they like to call it “I Got Maddie Day.”

“It’s been a very long journey.”

After nearly four years in their care, James and David Hickey are finally able to officially connect with Maddie.

“We’ve had Maddie since she turned one and she’s about to turn five, so we’re very happy,” said James Hickey.

Adoption is no stranger to the couple, but the road here wasn’t always easy. Back in 2017, CBS 2 sat down with the Hickeys. At that time, they had a child, Franklin, but their hopes of growing their family were dashed.

After years of waiting and offering nearly $15,000 to the Independent Adoption Center, they received the news via email that the agency was going bankrupt and that their adoption would not be possible.

“We are just over the moon happy and excited.”

Today, the Hickeys celebrate their full-blown moment, adopting Maddy from the foster care system.

“Both of our children are a delight, but she has my spunk and attitude.”

And joining other families in the Cook County Courthouse, who have opened their hearts and homes to children who need them most.

“I would say to explore the option of foster care. It may take time, but it’s a great way to do it. It helped complete our family.”

All the magic happened to Maddie’s family inside the building, and there’s even more good news for other families like them. Cook County announced that it has cut fees for adoptions from $265 to $89, to make it easier for children to find their forever homes.

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