A woman finds a rare “amazing” transparent fish on a Tasmanian beach

A Tasmanian woman shared her amazing discovery in the sand on Bruny Island, mistaking a completely translucent fish for a piece of seaweed.

“I was surprised to see a little eye on it,” she wrote on Facebook.

Another commented on the post: “Honestly, how can it be seen, where is the brain, or anything inside for that matter.” “I am confused but very impressed.”

Macquarie University biologist Professor Collum Brown said the strange fish were larvae of a type of eel that “hatch in the ocean and initially form part of the plankton”.

said through Yahoo news.

“Soon after they start migrating into rivers and streams and become like baby eels (i.e. they look like young adult eels).”

While we’re talking about the topic of strange and strange creatures washing up on the beaches, take a look at this one.

A beachgoer in the United States has captured stunning photos of what can only be described as a “no lamp” washed up on the shores of Newport Beach in Crystal Cove State Park.

The creature, officially identified as the Pacific football fish, lives in the deepest parts of the ocean where fish have to evolve with lanterns to navigate the dark depths. The Pacific soccer fish are part of the anglerfish family that consists of more than 300 species.

The space mate pictured here came in at a height of 45 centimeters, but the largest family of angler fish can reach nearly 30 times the size with Serratias holbuelei measuring 1.2 metres.

“State park rangers and lifeguards at Crystal Cove State Park were alerted to a strange-looking fish that washed ashore Friday morning from beach visitor Ben Estes who happened to notice it on the sand,” said a post from Davey’s Locker Sportfishing that collected 42,000 reactions and more than 30,000. Suspension.

“Although the fish themselves are not rare, it is very rare to see them intact along the beach in Southern California.”

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