Ahmas Massoud: The Last Resistance of Afghanistan

For many, Ahmed Massoud has become a symbol of Afghanistan’s struggle for freedom and sovereignty.

He is the heir of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the guerrilla leader who fought against the Soviet occupation in the 1980s and stood up to the Taliban when he first took power in the 1990s.

He now leads the Afghan National Resistance Front, which militarily opposes the new Taliban regime. They do not control much of the territory but remain active around the strategic Panjshir Valley.

Euronews’ international correspondent Annelies Burgess met with Massoud, who spoke about just over a year of Taliban domination in the country.

“I stayed in Kabul and many people stayed in Kabul with one hope: in spite of everything, we hoped for a peaceful transition.

However, unfortunately, the collapse of the government, miscalculation and the Taliban’s intent not to solve Afghanistan’s problems with peace and dialogue – [this all meant that it] It ended in disaster.”

You can read Euronews’ full report on the interview above

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