Al Bayadh is the best collection partner award at Sun & Sand Sports

CIS Bayad Center Inc. , the leading and most trusted brand in the offshore payment collection industry in the Philippines and now a full-service fintech subsidiary of the country’s largest energy conglomerate – Meralco, was recently awarded as the Best Collection Partner for SSS under the Non-Banking category during the 2015 Balikat Ng Bayan Awards. 2022.

The aforementioned awarding body has been in existence since 1995 and continues to honor individuals, employers, and organizations that have contributed significantly to the SSS’s pursuit of its mandate, emphasizing the importance of saving and investment among its members and beneficiaries.

In 2022, SSS shines a blank light, recognizing the company’s ongoing compliance with timely and accurate collection reporting as well as its active participation in the organization’s integrated programs. Apart from that, Bayadh broke records with a 9 percent growth rate increase in SSS contribution transaction volume from 2021 to 2022, proving how Bayadh is continually expanding the physical and digital payment touchpoint to offer a comprehensive payment solution to its customers. With this, SSS members can now easily access other bill payment services covering various government contributions, loans, electric and water utilities, cables, internet, tuition fees, online shopping, insurance and many more. This payment experience is also supported by our real-time blank posting feature, allowing SSS members to process and monitor instant and seamless contribution payments.

“All of our efforts at BIAD are directed toward the belief that Filipinos deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. We will stand with SSS every step of the way as we elevate the financial experience of its members through convenient and secure payment transactions.”

For government, financial and banking institutions interested in being part of Bayad’s extensive network of payment and billing channels, you may send an email to Bayad enables partners to achieve a nationwide presence and provides comprehensive support services for efficient payment and collection operations.

Image credits: CIS Payment Center Inc.

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