Amazon Consortium elections begin in Albany in October

Amazon workers arrive with papers for union action at the NLRB office in Brooklyn, New York, October 25, 2021.

Brendan McDermid | Reuters

The company confirmed to CNBC that Amazon will face a union election at one of its warehouses in upstate New York next month.

Amazon said employees at the warehouse located in Chudak Township, southeast of Albany, New York, will vote October 12-17.

A group of workers at the facility, known as ALB1, last month applied for a union vote. They seek to be represented by the Amazon Workers Union, a grassroots group of current and former employees who have successfully united an Amazon Staten Island warehouse, known as JFK8.

The National Labor Relations Board determined in late August that employees had met the requirements to hold a union election at an Albany warehouse. Unions are eligible to hold elections after they collect signatures of support from at least 30% of workers.

Amazon spokesman Paul Flaningan said the company remains skeptical that there will be enough “legitimate signatures” to go ahead with the election, but supports the right of employees “to have their voices heard, and we hope and expect that this process will allow.”

NLRB spokeswoman Kayla Bladeau and union organizer Heather Goodall confirmed that an election will be held at the facility next month.

Blado said the elections would be held in a tent outside the facility. The NLRB will begin counting votes on October 18.

The Albany election will test whether the ALU can repeat its victory on Staten Island. ALU faced an early setback in May when workers at a nearby facility refused to join a union.

In recent months, the ALU has been involved in legal disputes with Amazon over the results of the JFK8 vote. Amazon argued that the results should be disposed of, alleging that the union and the NLRB engaged in misconduct that distorted the election process.

Earlier this month, an NLRB official recommended that Amazon’s objections should be rejected, and the findings should be supported. Amazon has until Friday to appeal the official’s recommendations.

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