Amazon Kindle 2022 announced $99 with USB-C, and a better screen

Amazon on Tuesday announced a new entry-level $99 Kindle e-reader with several improvements over the previous model.

The biggest change is the display, which is more noticeable than the previous $89 Kindle. This means that the text will look clearer when reading, rather than being a bit blurry. Sharpness is now on par with Amazon’s more expensive $140 Kindle Paperwhite. The new Kindle also comes with twice the storage, 16GB instead of 8GB, which should be more than enough for most digital book libraries. You will be able to store thousands of books.

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The new Kindle also has a backlight, but it doesn’t have some of the more advanced backlighting features of the Kindle Paperwhite, like the option to change the white balance to an orange tone for reading convenience. It’s also not waterproof, so you’ll still want to consider the more expensive model if you’re worried about splashing poolside.

Finally, as with other updates to the Kindle line like the Paperwhite, Amazon has added a new USB-C charger, which is the most common port used by Android phones, Apple tablets, and more. It replaces the old micro USB port that gadgets have mostly abandoned in recent years.

Amazon also introduced a new model of Kindle Kids with similar upgrades. Both devices are available for pre-order starting Tuesday.

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