An American sports journalist said he was detained at the World Cup in Qatar because of his LGBT rainbow shirt

An American journalist claimed he was arrested on Monday after trying to enter the World Cup stadium in Qatar – where same-sex relations are prohibited – while wearing a rainbow shirt in support of the LGBT community.

Grant Wahl, a former writer for Sports Illustrated who now runs his website, said World Cup security prevented him from attending the US vs. Wales match at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Al-Rayyan and told him to take off his shirt.

He said his phone was taken from him when he wrote about the incident on Twitter, which exacerbated it

“I’m fine, but this was an unnecessary ordeal,” Wahl wrote in a tweet. “He was held for about half an hour.”

The journalist then claimed that a security chief later approached him, apologized and forced him into the stadium.

Wahl also said he later received an apology from a representative of FIFA, soccer’s international governing body.

Seven European World Cup nations earlier on Monday canceled plans for their respective captains to wear OneLove armbands – made to support diversity and inclusion – after FIFA threatened to issue yellow cards to any player wearing a multicolored armband.

Qatar has come under intense scrutiny from many Western countries over its treatment of the LGBTQ community and migrant workers, although FIFA President Gianni Infantino deemed such criticism “hypocritical”, stating that “Europeans should apologize for the next 3,000 years before they start offering morale”. Lessons for people.”

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