Andrew Tate’s deal with the Rumble is worth millions, he said privately

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Andrew Tate has been lining his pockets with right-wing social media.

The 36-year-old former kickboxer turned misogynist influencer was detained by Romanian authorities in late December while pursuing allegations of human trafficking and rape, and in 2022 signed deals with Rumble and GETTR to publish exclusive content on their site. platforms.

Those agreements were not a secret. In fact, as you might imagine, both right-wing social media companies at the time were proud to promote their relationship with Tate, who was banned from YouTube and TikTok. But what isn’t publicly known, until now, is how lucrative the deals will be for the influencer.

Tate privately bragged that his deal with Rumble, the video-based social networking site popular with conservatives that promotes itself as “immune to cancel culture,” was worth $9 million.

CNN was unable to independently confirm the deal’s valuation. But asked for comment, Rumble did not deny the price of the agreement, admitting in a statement that it had deals with its creators and “offered incentives” to them. The company has continued to demand a rigorous investigation of Tate for the sexual offenses he allegedly committed.

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“Rumble strongly condemns human trafficking and sexual assault, and our platform prohibits pornography and all forms of illegal activity. At the same time, every defendant deserves due process,” Rumble said Thursday night. “The allegations against Andrew Tate, which do not appear to involve any content on the Rumble site, must be investigated promptly and thoroughly, and we will not prejudge this investigation.”

It is not clear exactly how much Tate’s deal with GETTR was worth; The company did not comment on Thursday. A representative for Tate, who is still being held in Romania, could not be reached for comment.

Multi-million dollar deals are not necessarily unprecedented in the right-wing social space. Axios reported earlier this month that Donald Trump Jr. has entered into a multi-year, seven-figure agreement with Rumble. Others, such as Russell Brand and Glenn Greenwald, have also cut their own deals with the platform. Rumble, which went public last year via SPAC, is said to be worth more than $2 billion and receive financial backing from billionaire Peter Thiel.

Distribution agreements underscore how profitable it is to work as an influencer in right-wing media. And they’ve shown how financially rewarding deals can be with social media startups as they work to attract users to their platforms while competing with more established tech giants, such as Twitter and YouTube.

Despite being banned by the vast majority of mainstream social media platforms, Tate is still influential among the youth. His rants claiming that most of society remains locked in “The Matrix,” which he describes as a world ruled by shadowy elites bent on forcing the masses to work for them, have sparked millions of views. He, in particular, has grown a large following with younger men with his commentary on male supremacy. Before his TikTok account was banned, he had accumulated 11.6 billion views.

The deals with Tate seem to be working out well for both parties. Tate has led significant engagement on both platforms. Sky News reported in September, for example, that daily active users on Rumble were up 45.3% in the week Tate hacked the platform. GETTR credited Tate in a press release for helping drive participation.

CNN was told That his deal with GETTR ended when he returned to Twitter in late November after Elon Musk lifted the previously imposed ban on his account. But with Tate in custody facing serious charges, the fate of his lucrative Rumble deal remains unknown.

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