Anti-vaccination campaigners mocked over street lighting question after Sydney Freedom March

A startling online post highlights just how far Australia’s small anti-vaccination group has progressed as the rest of the country returns to normal life.

While 96.4% of the nation has been vaccinated twice against Covid and nearly all restrictions have been lifted, a group of loyal protesters continues to take to the streets in Sydney every week.

At a demonstration held at City Hall in Sydney on Sunday as part of the ‘World Freedom Rally’, an attendee discovered something I thought seemed out of place.

In a post shared with an anti-vaccination group on Facebook after the event, she consulted members about what she had seen, and shared photos of what she thought was a disturbing sight.

“Okay, I’d like some clarification on what these things are….They were both run for today’s rally in Sydney,” her site was ready.

The “things” in question weren’t some mysterious, unrecognizable object, but rather – to no one’s surprise – street lights.

While her silly post was deleted soon after, it stayed on the page long enough to take screenshots and share them elsewhere on the internet.

Over 2,000 people didn’t believe what they were reading after sharing it on Reddit, with the poster writing: “Anti-vaccination angry at *checking notes* street lights.”

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Many have made sarcastic suggestions about what anti-vaccination opponents think of street lights.

“They are 5G scanners that double as a vaccination mist when you pass under them. It’s a fine mist that you can’t see. Special government operations,” one wrote.

“Wrong, they simply scan people’s vaccination chips and invisibly mark unvaccinated people with a laser, so that they can be easily identified. People may think they have a sunburn on the back of their neck, but it is really their mark,” another joked.

According to the Australia Freedom Rally website, rally participants were protesting lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, business closures and “medical apartheid”.

Among the speakers at a similar rally in Melbourne were controversial former MP Craig Kelly, who boasted to the audience: “Our consciences are awake, free and unmotivated.”

The protesters received a blunt response from other Australians, confused about what they were actually rallying for given that the country had long since scraped strict Covid rules.

Vaccination against Covid is voluntary in Australia, however it is highly recommended based on its protection from severe illness and death.

Certain circumstances require proof of vaccination, such as some workplaces such as residential hospice care where a mandatory vaccination went into effect last year.

“Australian Cossack” kidnapped in protest a day after leaving prison

Popular YouTuber and controversial internet personality Semyon Boykov, who uses the internet nickname Aussie Cossack, was seen at a rally in Sydney on Saturday.

Boykov was imprisoned in late June for violating two court orders by naming a person alleged to have had sex with children during an anti-vaccination rally. The 32-year-old is known for his outspoken anti-militant views, and his pro-Putin and Russia beliefs.

Initially, he was sentenced to 10 months in Long Bay Correctional Complex in southern Sydney, with no parole for six months. However, Boykov was released conditionally on Friday.

Boykov was seen at Sydney Town Hall on Saturday afternoon protesting against police intimidation alongside a crowd of supporters and fans.

The rally was broadcast live on YouTube and Boikov watched protest against the imposition of compulsory vaccination in professions such as police and firefighting.

“The first day after returning from prison, straight to the front lines, marching with thousands of like-minded patriots against this government bureaucracy,” he said in a video posted early Saturday.

Today we are sending a very clear message. challenge message.

Mr Kelly in Melbourne told the crowd that he had spoken with Boikov since his release, claiming he had been encouraged to vaccinate behind bars so he could visit his wife.

“It was sewn. [It was] “It’s a shame he spent one day in jail,” Kelly told the crowd.

Protests also continued on Sunday in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, Cairns, Mackay and Coffs Harbor.

Small crowds appeared in the footage and photos shared online during and after the events.

Originally published as Anti-vaxxer it parodied a mind boggling question after the ‘Freedom’ rally

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