beard trimming

Invest in beard grooming tools or visit the right barbershop, because the number one mistake men with facial hair make is failing to maintain the lines and shapes of their beard.

Regular trimming will help maintain the shape, texture, and appearance.

However, it is important to differentiate between what is a beard and what is a neck beard. The two are not the same. Neck beards — which grow downward from the jaw line — can be very unsightly.

Although it may be tempting for those with patchy, unevenly grown beards to maintain that neck beard growth, know that it is unattractive to many.

This is especially true of those who cannot grow a beard on their face and only have a rug rolled under their chin or on their neck.

Genetics plays a role in the beard you have, and no one has any say if they will win this lottery. But choosing to keep something that looks bad is a personal one.

Unless you’re a rock star or a celebrity, consider getting rid of it.

Also, just like the hair style you choose, the type of beard you choose to keep will depend on your face shape and jawline, along with your neck.

As trimming is important, so is cleaning but keep in mind that it is highly suggested that beard owners avoid regularly soaking them in soapy water, especially regular soap, as chemicals are known to strip away the natural oils that beards need.

Beard and hair oil

They go hand in hand but depend on individual preference.

Beard oil is essential, especially with the local weather, as it supplies the beard and face with natural oils, helping to condition the strength and luster of facial hair. Although it is largely used before people leave the house, there are also variants such as pre-shave oil, which are used exactly as stated.

For hair oil, choose argan oil

Rich in vitamin E, argan oil helps grow healthy skin and hair.

It is very popular for its use in moisturizing skin and hair, and may also reduce hair damage, such as split ends.

Hair maintenance

In most cases, men have fairly short to medium length hair. For the former group of people, don’t go too long between hairstyles. For short hair, consider cutting it once a month, and for the latter, cut it once every two months.

For men who are taller than average, and who reach just below the shoulders, a haircut isn’t necessary, because if it’s that long, you’ll probably want to keep it long. However, a visit to the barber is still necessary to deal with split ends.

Scalp care also falls here, and choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is important to prevent your hair from looking like a homeless person.

Because of the weather in Malaysia, it is not uncommon to find men with dandruff. Consider getting something like True + Real, Neutrogena T/Gel, or the always-accessible Selsun products that are available at most drugstores.

Additional tips

1. Apply deodorant every day

2. With cologne, less is more

3. Ear hair is present and needs to be taken care of

4. The same goes for nose hair

5. In the morning, wash your face, and at night, exfoliate to remove dirt and dead skin accumulated earlier in the day.

6. For the rare people with back hair, there are tools designed to shave it

7. More rarely, for those with unibrow, there is a tutorial online for dealing with those

8. Just because they aren’t seen by many, doesn’t mean that toe nails shouldn’t be trimmed. Trim them every two weeks or so.

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