Apple iPhone 14 review: Get the Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14.

Sophia Pet

Apple’s new iPhone 14 models went into stores on Friday, with the exception of the iPhone 14 Plus, which will be available from October 7. the past several days.

While I’ve been using them all, the gist of this review focuses on the Pro Max because it’s the best new iPhone you can get from Apple.

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We’re seeing strong demands for Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro cutting both ways

If you’re looking for a real upgrade, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are the way to go. Don’t expect a lot of big changes if you have an iPhone 13 and are thinking about getting the basic iPhone 14.

I'll definitely buy an Apple iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, says CNBC tech reporter

Despite the higher costs, Apple has kept the prices of the iPhone 14 series the same for the iPhone 13 lineup in the US.

Delivery lead times for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are already longer than last year for the iPhone 13 Pro models. This is a positive sign for Apple, as high-quality products remain popular despite historical inflation and slowing consumer spending.

iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14.

Sophia Pet

iPhone 14 Pro models have improved battery life and new cameras. They also have all-new features: Always On Display and Dynamic Island – a new interactive viewing area located around the selfie camera.

I’ll walk you through the differences and help you figure out which phone, if any, is right for you.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: what’s good?

iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Sophia Pet

The 14 Pro Max is similar in size to last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. But its large 6.7-inch screen is brighter than ever, which makes it great for gaming and watching TV shows and movies, even when you’re out and about.

Dynamic Island is the coolest new feature Apple introduced this year. Instead of that empty notch that used to house a selfie camera and microphone, there’s a new interactive display for tablets that have the ability to change shape.

Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro Max

Sophia Pet

Dynamic Island blurs the lines between hardware and software, since the front camera is still underneath. Instead of cutting out your viewing experience like the notch on previous iPhones, it becomes a part of what you actually do when you use the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

Suppose you are reading an article. You can also control the music you listen to by tapping on Dynamic Island instead of switching apps. It’s useful.

With Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can control your music while reading an article without switching between apps.

Sophia Pet

The space can be used to show other things, like directions, AirPod connection status, battery life, or a timer. It can also be split into two separate pieces, so you can see a timer on one side and simultaneously track your Lyft’s arrival time, for example.

Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Sophia Pet

There’s also a new screen that’s always on. This allows you to look at the lock screen on your phone while it’s sitting at your desk and see dim but useful information. This is something Samsung, Google, and other Android phone makers have been doing for years, but Apple’s approach is different. It lights up the entire screen rather than just the small parts.

It’s neat, but I turned it off because I try not to look at my phone all the time, especially when someone is talking to me. This is a personal preference, and I understand why some people might find it useful. If you place your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max face down on a table or in your pocket, the always-on display will be deactivated.

The only time I liked using the always-on screen was when I was watching “House of the Dragon” on HBO Max and needed to reach for my Apple TV remote. Instead of having to open the Apple Remote every time I need to pause, the always-on display means the remote stays on the iPhone screen. It was as if my actual remote control, which I always seem to lose, was right next to me.

The Apple TV remote still shows up when the iPhone 14 Pro Max is idle, thanks to the always-on display.

Sophia Pet

Front and back cameras are better than iPhone 13 Pro. Apple has doubled its low-light performance thanks to a new photon engine and improved camera sensors, making photos taken at night clearer. The 48MP camera captures the finest details. Take a look at the scenic photo I took while visiting Little Island State Park in New York City last weekend.

Little Island Park in New York City was filmed on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Sophia Pet

Apple also revealed a motion mode that allows you to shoot smooth videos. I often use the gimbal for video capture, but the motion mode eliminated that need with image stabilization for me. This means that you should be able to run around to film your kids without the video looking too bumpy.

Battery life on the 14 Pro Max is a notable improvement. Apple is proud that both the 14 Pro and Pro Max have all-day battery life, and I was able to keep playing audio, watching YouTube videos, scrolling through social media, making calls, and sending texts. On a full charge, I was able to get past bedtime and didn’t need to charge again until 11am the next day.

Both the Pro and Pro Max have a new A16 processor that is supposed to improve performance by 40%. I haven’t really noticed this in daily use, but professionals who record a lot of videos should notice faster render times. It also protects the phone from the future so that when more powerful games and apps appear, the operating system will be able to keep up.

Apple introduced new security features such as car accident detection and satellite communication. I could not test for traffic accident detection for obvious reasons. Satellite connectivity looks promising — it will allow you to call emergency services when you don’t have WiFi or cellular service — but Apple won’t release the feature until November.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: What’s so bad?

All iPhone 14s still have a Lightning port instead of USB-C. I wasn’t expecting Apple to make the switch, but it would be really useful to carry the same USB-C charger I use to power my MacBook and iPad.

The 14 Pro Max is slightly heavier and heavier than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you don’t often have pockets and prefer not to carry such a large screen, you may want to opt for the 14 Pro which has a smaller screen than the Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro: Same phone, smaller screen

The iPhone 14 Pro, which starts at $999, is virtually the same as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with slightly less battery life and a smaller 6.1-inch screen. You still get a great screen, and the cameras are the same.

iPhone 14: What’s missing?

Then there’s the regular iPhone 14, which is a small update to last year’s iPhone 13. It starts at $799, the cameras on the iPhone 13 have been upgraded, the graphics processing is slightly improved, and the car crash and satellite SOS features on the iPhone 14 Pro have been improved. But it is missing the following features that you can get in Pro:

  • The cameras are new, but not as sharp as those on the iPhone 14 Pro.
  • There is still no ProMotion screen, so scrolling isn’t as smooth as on the Pro.
  • The sides are made of aluminum instead of stainless steel.
  • The iPhone 14 uses last year’s A15 chip, but with an additional graphics processing core to improve gaming performance.
  • There is no always-on screen and no dynamic island.

There is another member of the squad this year. The iPhone 14 Plus has the same features as the regular iPhone 14, but the size of the Pro Max screen, and it starts at $899. It sounds compelling for people who want a bigger screen without paying $1099, but it won’t be released until October 7th, so I haven’t had a chance to review it yet.

Which iPhone 14 Should You Buy?

Choose the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max if you’re looking to experience the best of what Apple has to offer. There are plenty of good upgrades, from the cameras to the screen, that you’ll appreciate.

I won’t be upgrading from the regular iPhone 13 to the iPhone 14 because there aren’t a lot of big changes, outside of fault detection, improved cameras, and satellite distress. You won’t notice much difference. However, the iPhone 14 Plus may be a compelling choice if you want a larger screen without having to buy a Pro Max. Just know that it doesn’t have two new features from Apple’s most innovative: Dynamic Island and Always On Display.

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