Apple launched Emergency SOS — here’s how to use it

Apple introduces a new Emergency SOS security service for iPhone 14 users in the United States and Canada.

Its technology allows users to send messages to emergency services via satellite while out of range of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

In addition, Apple said in a statement that users can now share their location with family and friends via satellite.

This capability will be made available to France, Germany, Ireland and the UK in December.

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The update allows emergency call centers to communicate with more users. It also does not require any additional software or protocols to enable communications.

How it works?

An interface appears on the iPhone “Out of Network” to assist the user in using the satellite connection before a short questionnaire is sent in the initial message.

Apple said it worked closely with experts to review standard questions and protocols to determine the most common reasons for calling emergency services.

Then, the interface directs the user to where to point the phone and sends the initial message, including survey responses, location, altitude, Medical ID – if enabled – and the iPhone’s battery level.

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Messages are transmitted directly via satellite to senders who accept text messages or to relay centers staffed by Apple-trained professionals who can request assistance on the user’s behalf.

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This text can also be shared with the user’s emergency contacts.

With Emergency SOS via satellite, users can send and receive messages in less than 15 seconds in clear conditions. And with the built-in Emergency SOS via satellite view, users can ping the satellite on their iPhone by connecting to a real satellite in range. without contacting the emergency services, allowing them to experience the process and become familiar with the service.”

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