Are Yeonjun and Yunjin in a secret relationship?

We are Dating TXT’s Yeonjun and Yunjin’s LESSERAFIM? Some believe they are, but how true is this? There is supposed to be “evidence” to support the dating rumors, but not all fans are convinced.

The alleged “evidence”, apparently discovered by a foreign fan, is actually a drawing posted as a “profile photo” on a personal Spotify account called “Huh Yunjin”, allegedly belonging to the girl group member herself.

The account is allegedly followed by Yunjin’s sister, which means it may be true. In addition, the drawing style of the picture is similar to Yunjin’s own art.

Some believe that the profile posted in September 2022 depicts two characters who look similar to photos of both Yunjin and Yeonjun from that time, based on clothing style, hair color, and even ear piercings.

Fans also revealed a clip from an episode of Game developers which shows Yeonjin switching sides with her groupmate Kazuha to stand behind Yeonjun during a group activity.

However, this kind of evidence is circumstantial at best, and most fans are waiting to see if more evidence is revealed in the future.

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