Are you kidding with the last time?

A question: You said you tested your ECM in ancient times. Were these courses consistent? Did you come to a conclusion why?

Thank you. WEC has been great. Personally, I always lean a lot.


Answer: Yes, I rebuilt the world’s monetary system with coinage, so it’s already possible to backtest how these cycles have prevailed for thousands of years. Smash the silver coin. Diocletian’s Reforms and How the Bronze Volis Declined Again.

No matter where you look, you see the constant exposure of the rise and fall of the monetary system. Those people who think a return to the gold standard will somehow prevent corruption or inflation are living in a dream world. When money was just a coin, inflation still existed. You can’t escape this – ever!

My next book is to get this out ASAP. Here, I’ve tested the model in retrospect and I believe this includes everything from climate, war, and human nature to the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history. Of course, the academics would oppose it because they do not want to accept that there is any regularity in the business cycle because that would mean that the government does. Not They have the power to manipulate society as Marx and Keynes told them.

It is clear that we are dealing with the end times in connection with the decline and fall of Western culture. We traced this back to ancient times and its regularity was impressive.

Even the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization had twice the 31.4-year period of the 51.6-year wave. You can feel it. We are tearing at the seams everything that held society together. Civilizations rise when everyone benefits. They fall when one group begins to exploit another. This is what is happening now.

Absurd price controls

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