Ashley Tisdale and Austin Butler have revealed that they are distant cousins

He. She It turns out that Hollywood musical stars Ashley Tisdale and Austin Butler have more in common than a talent for singing — the two actors are actually distant cousins ​​in real life.

This surprising fact came to light earlier this week when Tisdale, 37, and her sister took part in the final episode of Ancestry. 2 lies and leaves The series that explores the genetics of famous celebrities. Tidal was asked to guess who out of several real-life co-stars she was linked to, and she promptly named Butler, 31.

“Austin and I always say we’re like fraternal twins born so far apart because he’s so much younger and we’ve always had that connection,” High School Musical The star explained.

Tisdale and Butler starred together in 2011 HSM episodic movie Sharpay’s Amazing Adventureand have remained close friends ever since. Butler himself achieved further musical success with his portrayal of rock and roll icon, Elvis Presley in the biopic. Elvis.

When her guess was revealed to be correct, Tisdale and her sister burst into tears. “No wonder we have such a connection!” I continued. “We’ve always said we’re brother and sister! This is crazy. I’m literally going to cry.”

At the end of the episode, Tisdale reveals that she sent a text message to Butler about their family relationship. Sharing the actor’s response, Tisdale said, “He went, ‘There’s no way. ‘”

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