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The Asia-Berlin Summit, held from September 12-16, marked its 25th anniversary, with opening ceremonies in both Japan and Berlin. An initiative of the Government of Berlin (Department of Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin), AsiaBerlin forms the collective platform that brings together communities within the startup ecosystems across Asia and Berlin through various activities, such as events and delegation trips throughout the year. This year’s main theme is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the question of how startups and their ecosystems can contribute to global sustainable development through impact-oriented innovation.

Senator Stefan Schwartz, of the Department of Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises, spoke about unicorns and the thriving startup ecosystem in Berlin. “Asia is not only the continent with the largest population. It is home to innovative ecosystems that are the driving force of economic growth and innovation in the world. In our vision, Berlin is the partner of the most innovative and sustainable ecosystems in Asia. A diverse, young, innovative and cosmopolitan city with a corporate ecosystem An English-speaking budding emerging, Berlin is perhaps Asia’s strongest partner in the European Union.The startup ecosystem in Berlin now includes 25 unicorns.Thirty percent of all German startups are headquartered in Berlin, raising more than 10 billion in investments last year 2021. Euro”.

Svenja Schulze, Minister at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), stressed the powerful impact that startups can have on people’s lives. “We live in a time when digital technologies are increasingly transforming our lives and industrial production. All of this potential is very promising. But we must not lose sight of the fact that technological progress can further deepen existing inequalities. If digital transformation is left to the forces of free markets, if Using technology to suppress unwanted opinions or to spread fake news is a huge problem. We need to make sure that technological change is open and inclusive and supports sustainable development. Technology should not only drive economic growth forward but also protect our planet at the same time.”

The keynote address by Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo, touched upon the “City-Tech. Tokyo” plan, where 300 startup companies will showcase their ideas for sustainable cities, an event that will bring together 10,000 people from 100 cities. Although the Philippines was invited by Kevin Philip Gayao to attend the summit and present his startup, he declined the invitation due to time constraints. Via LinkedIn messenger, I asked him about his startup. His startup, IOL Inc. Headquartered in Baguio, has developed an integrated Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform for cooperatives called Advanced Strong Collaborative System, or ARCS (

ARCS helps cooperatives manage their data digitally and easily generate organizational reports. They were also selected among the first recipients of funding from the Department of Science and Technology, under the Innovative Startups Act.

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Connecting people is at the heart of all Summit activities, so I spoke to and two Filipinos based in Europe who would like to help Filipino startups. Enpact is a non-profit organization established with the aim of enabling entrepreneurship in the context of international economic cooperation. Miguel Encarnación, the AsiaBerlin Ambassador, is also the Managing Partner of Unifier Ventures. Unifier Ventures, along with its network of family offices, corporations and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, connects Asia and Europe by investing in early stage startups. For EU startups, this includes entering the market into Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines.

On the other hand, Maribeth Aquino, a Filipino-Austrian businesswoman who works in software development, wants to reach out to Filipino women in technology. During her seven years in the video game industry, she has established non-profit organizations and conferences, while creating communities and launching dozens of initiatives, scholarship programs, and many other projects for the Philippines.

Learning opportunities through the Berlin Landing Pad program will occur in January 2023. The Philippines can participate here. This intensive eight-week program is designed to provide startup founders with the right tools and skills to establish them as founders in Berlin. Visit for updates on upcoming opportunities and events from entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

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