August 3, 2022 Russia and Ukraine news

Ukrainian and Turkish officials said the first shipment of grain to leave the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odessa since Russia began its invasion passed the inspection of the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul on Wednesday.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said, on Tuesday, that an inspection of the ship M/V Razoni will be conducted by a delegation consisting of representatives of Turkey, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United Nations.

“The ship RAZONI has passed the inspection of the Joint Coordination Center and is ready to go to its destination,” Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kobrakov said on Facebook.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense said in a tweet on Twitter, that the inspection process on the shipment had been completed and that the ship would be heading to the side of Lebanon.

The three-hour inspection included evaluating the ship’s crew and cargo, and recording “valuable information about the ship’s voyage” along the passage in the Black Sea agreed upon by the Joint Coordination Center, according to a statement issued by the center.

“The JCC will use this flight in its ongoing work on fine-tuning procedures and operations to enable the continued safe passage of commercial vessels through the Black Sea under the initiative,” the statement said.

The statement added that three ports in Ukraine are scheduled to renew the export of millions of tons of wheat, corn and other crops.

The M/V Razoni departed from the port of Odessa on Monday with more than 26,000 tons of corn. After being delayed due to bad weather, I arrived in Istanbul on Tuesday evening. The ship then headed to the port of Tripoli in Lebanon.

The inspection team boarded the ship carrying more than 26,000 tons of corn in the Black Sea on Wednesday.

“This is the first ship to travel along the ‘grain corridor’ agreed upon with the United Nations and Turkey. Thanks to the Ukrainian armed forces and port services, RAZONI made its way safely to the Bosphorus, where it was inspected by representatives of the JCC,” the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure published Oleksandr Kubrakov on Facebook.

“Using RAZONI as an example, all necessary control and coordination measures between Ukraine and the signatory partners – the United Nations and Turkey – are being completed and acted upon,” said Kobrakov.

He added that 17 ships have been loaded and are awaiting permission to leave Ukraine, and that requests are being accepted for new ships to enter Ukrainian ports to load agricultural products.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken described the departure of the first grain ship from the Black Sea as “important,” but noted that it was “just a first step, and continuing to implement the UN-facilitated July 21 deal is essential to enhancing food security around the world.” the scientist.”

“Russia must fulfill its obligations, including by facilitating unimpeded exports of agricultural products from the Black Sea ports,” Blinken said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Russia must also end its attacks that render agricultural lands in Ukraine unusable and destroy agricultural infrastructure,” he added. “As long as Russia continues its aggression, the Ukrainian people and the most vulnerable people in the world will continue to suffer from its effects.”

CNN’s Jennifer Hansler contributed reporting for this post.

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