Australian Cossack Semyon Boykov organizes a Sydney protest after his early release from prison

Simeon Boikov, who goes by the internet nickname Aussie Cossack, was released from prison early.

Boykov was imprisoned in late June for violating two court orders by naming a person alleged to have had sex with children during an anti-vaccination rally. The 32-year-old is known for his outspoken anti-militant views, and his pro-Putin and Russia beliefs.

Initially, he was sentenced to 10 months in Long Bay Correctional Complex in southern Sydney, with no parole for six months. However, Boykov was released conditionally on Friday.

During this time, his social media channels were run by his wife, Ekaterina Olshannikova, who also goes by the name of Katya Boykova.

On Thursday, Boykova announced the news in a YouTube video titled: “Breaking: Australian Cossack District Court wins appeal and it will be issued within days!”.

His attorneys, while appearing in Downing Center County Court via video link, appealed the severity of this initial sentence. His lawyers argued that Boykov was placed in apartheid for a month and imprisoned with terrorists and murderers, the Daily Telegraph reported.

“My husband, the Australian Cossack, is coming out on Friday,” she said in a video that has garnered more than 44,000 views in three days.

“This has been a team effort by all of us together…The canal will be taken over by the Australian Cossacks again (sic) as of this Friday. Get ready.”

Talking to Daily TelegraphBoykov’s attorney, Mark Davis, said his client “regrets the individual’s naming and disclosure.”

“But what I have brought before the court are the alleged acts relating to a person with a very close relationship to Mr. Boykov,” Davis said.

“However, he regretted breaking the order.”

Boykov organizes a protest day after leaving prison

Boykov was seen at Sydney Town Hall on Saturday afternoon protesting against police intimidation alongside a crowd of supporters and fans.

The large-scale rally, called World Wide Rally for Freedom, was broadcast live on YouTube and saw Boikov protest against mandates for a mandatory vaccine in professions such as police and firefighting.

“The first day after returning from prison, straight to the front lines, marching with thousands of like-minded patriots against this government bureaucracy,” he said in a video posted early Saturday.

Today we are sending a very clear message. challenge message.

Similar protests have also been planned for Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Originally published as The Aussie Cossack, Semyon Boikov staged a Sydney protest after early release from prison

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