basavaraj bommai: ‘PayCM’ posters appear in Bengaluru, CM Bommai requested the query

‘PayCM’ posters with a picture of Karnataka’s chief minister appeared in several parts of the city on Wednesday, after which an angry Basavaraj Bhumai ordered an investigation.

He also called it a ‘pseudo campaign’ that not only tarnishes his image but Karnataka’s as well.

“It is a systematic plot to corrupt my name as well as Karnataka. I have directed relevant officials to book a case. We will investigate it to find out who is behind it,” Bhumai told reporters. “This is a baseless campaign on social media. Everyone knows how to do such things. People also know who is running the campaign. These are fake campaigns, which only intensified recently. And that has no value.”

CM said he got hurt because more than Karnataka he was getting a bad reputation because of such a campaign.

“So we decided to rein in such activities,” Bomay said.

The posters that appeared in the central part of the city resembled Paytm e-wallet ads. Bommai’s faces appear in the middle of the QR code with the message “40% Accepted Here”.

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According to the sources, “scanning the QR code takes the user to the 40% site of sarkara” launched by Congress for (bribery) complaints.”

This development comes amid an aggressive campaign against the state government by Congress, which has accused it of corruption in awarding public contracts and government hiring.

A panel of contractors recently made bribery charges that they had to pay a 40% commission to get public works contracts, an allegation vehemently denied by the government. Shortly after the matter came to the knowledge of the authorities, these posters were removed in public.

The BJP claimed that this was the work of the Congress.

“It is undoubtedly the work of Congress. Prime Minister Basavaraj Bhumai has already ordered an investigation and booked cases against those involved in this mischief,” the BJP’s government media cell in charge of the BJP told PTI.

He added that the government unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had appealed to the chief minister to expose who was behind this act. Khasle dared Congress to provide evidence of corruption if they had or apologize to the government.

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