Beauty trends for 2022: hits and misses

For our annual Beauty & Missing roundup, we’re taking a look at the top three trends that made it big on TikTok

in 2022, TikTok is at the forefront of trends, be it fashion, music or beauty. Even though the bite-size video platform is known for its teeny-pop trends, it also came as a surprise as many of us learned new things. In the past year, TikTok has taught us the importance of knowing what we’re putting on our skin and restoring it, rather than just throwing away products just because it’s a trend.

Besides, the TikTok community is veering away from unnecessary plastic surgery and more about looking natural and loving our skin. Let’s dive in and see what made the cut in the beauty world this year!

-> He hits

Repair your skin barrier

Since the skincare rush in 2020 where the ten-step routine became the trend, the tides have since turned in the opposite direction. Instead of blindly following the latest craze, consumers are now more interested in knowing what ingredients they use on their skin. In response, many brands have released products and collections targeting sensitive skin, and some ingredients like ceramides have come to play a starring role because they are the key ingredient in restoring skin barrier function. As consumers focus more on long-term solutions and the health of their skin, terms like ‘skin barrier’ have made their way into beauty consumer slang, which is why it works, because knowing and understanding the importance of skin care is key to preventing skin problems in the long term.

Simple makeup

After years of heavy, full face makeup, 2022 has been all about restoring it and enhancing our natural beauty. The no-makeup makeup trend is all about using concealer instead of foundation, having natural brows, a glowy complexion, pale rosy cheeks, slicked back hair, and a natural lip color. Highlighter and contour help achieve a glowy finish, but the goal is for them to be undetectable. Dubbed the “clean girl look,” it’s a bit like the beauty industry taking a capsule wardrobe, emphasizing quality over quantity. This has become a hit because it means that instead of over-consuming and over-buying products, consumers can focus on getting a few good ones, which also encourages them to finish their current makeup product before getting new ones, which puts a stop to consumers ending up with them. It’s a matter of many items.

Recently, the term “cold girl makeup” has also gone viral, combining a minimal makeup look with a winter look. To pull off the trend, add more blush to the cheeks and nose and moisturize lips with glossy lip oil for a perfectly flowy look.

Makeup for your face shape

With the trend of understanding more about what you put on your face, informative makeup videos have also appeared on TikTok this year. Specifically, professional makeup artists and celebrities have talked about applying blush, contouring, and concealer. Unlike trends that usually only look good on a certain type of face shape, knowing how makeup works on different faces is why this hits my hit list. Using concealer, blush, and contour strokes, you can achieve a visual face-lift without going under the knife. Besides watching videos to find out which face makeup is right for you, some TikTok creators have made filters that analyze your face and show you which area to apply makeup on. Technology to win!

-> make mistake

face registration

While the idea of ​​tape for the face has been around for years, the facelift hack has seen a surge in popularity thanks to makeup artists promoting the technique on TikTok and other social media platforms. Specifically, they use pieces of tape to constrict movement and frowning overnight, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Some tout it as a preventative Botox alternative, but dermatologists warn against it, saying most tapes people use are not meant for use on the skin, and can cause irritation and even irritation. Besides, there is also a risk that you can peel off a layer of skin when you remove the tape in the morning.

Cheek fat removal

On social media Another cosmetic procedure is gaining popularity on social media – cheek fat removal. Cheek fat is located in the middle of the cheek, giving the appearance of a baby’s face. The procedure involves removing said fat from the cheeks to create a more defined face, but sometimes it also creates the appearance of lean cheeks. However, buccal fat pad removal may look good now but over time, your face may become overly hollow as we lose facial fat as we age. For this reason, we should not pursue unnecessary and irreversible actions just because it is a passing trend, only to regret it later in life.


TikTok and YouTube users claim the stitching technique can help reshape the jawline, among other things. Mewing, also known as orthopedics, is the practice of placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth to reshape your facial features. It is claimed that in addition to giving them tighter and more defined jaw lines, the practice goes beyond aesthetics, even helping them with issues like sleep apnea, oral breathing, posture, and even crooked teeth. The biggest risk associated with a mak is that patients will not get the proper care they need from their dentist. Although there is no real harm in adjusting the position of your tongue, consulting a dentist or doctor is a quicker and more effective way for serious problems such as a raised/weak tongue or sleep apnea.

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