bengaluru: Metaverse in Bengaluru: Now go to Church Street in meta-auto

The Metaverse showcase – Luru in Bengaluru – will be launched today at the three-day Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022.

For the first time globally, the launch covers a section of the city’s iconic Church Street with virtual shops, concert halls, public art and spaces, and even a van for navigating different parts of the city.

“Starting from Church Street, Luru will follow a phased plan for the Bengaluru Metaverse to go to the area around Vidhana Soudha and Bangalore Palace where the Technology Summit is being hosted,” said Malini Goyal, Founder of UnboxingBLR.

It is modeled after the streets, hubs, and hotspots that make the city unique. The goal is to unify the digital presence of Bengaluru into a modern avatar: the metaverse.

In addition, the primary goal is for any Luru user to be able to create their own metaverse using simple no-code tools at to build their metaverse for free. Luru’s immersive experience can be accessed directly from the browser on mobile phones, desktop computers, and headsets.

“As India’s tech capital and most cosmopolitan city, Luru opens the door for Bengaluru to enter the Metaverse, and I hope this helps people, residents and non-residents, get a flavor of the city’s energy,” said Prashanth Prakash, Co-Founder, Accel. , and head at UnboxingBLR.

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Hombale Films (the production house behind Kannada Kantara and KGF films), fashion designer Manish Malhotra, Third Wave Coffee, Souled Store and Embassy Group have signed up as launch partners for Luru.

“Luru is a reflection of the city of Bengaluru, and the multitude of experiences this city has to offer. It brings next-generation experiences and discoveries into our increasingly online lives,” said Utsav Mathur, founder and CEO of GMetri, the Metaverse platform that powers Luru.

The initiative is supported by GMetriXR and is an effort to create an immersive online community for people.

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