Biden is making good on his big one-issue voter promise

The leak in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case earlier in the year sparked protests across the country. It’s the biggest single-voter issue on the ballot, and even the Republican Party is being torn apart by the ruling. It must be remembered that the average voter does not understand the intricacies Political promises. The threat to eliminate abortion access has drawn many moderate voters to the Democratic Party, and President Joe Biden has promised to codify abortion in the Constitution. Biden said this would be his first course if the midterm elections work in favor of the Democrats.

The average voter does not understand that the president alone cannot make amendments to the constitution. Anytime Joe Biden is allowed to speak without a note device, he reveals his administration’s true plans. “I shouldn’t have answered your question,” Biden said at a press conference he held in Bali last Monday after realizing his mistake. Biden conceded despite saying he had been able to do so weeks earlier: “I don’t think there are enough votes to write unless something extraordinary happens in the House.”

Joe Biden lied about student loan forgiveness and abortion rights, both items of one issue big enough to make moderates lean left. No case seems to infuriate more than Roe v. Wade. Will people protest outside the White House as they did before the Supreme Court justices? The hope is that some will open their eyes and process that Joe Biden sold them a lie, but others will see it as a reason to continue attacking the opposing side.

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