British fisherman catches a monster-sized goldfish called a “carrot,” calling it “sheer luck”

While fishing in France, a British man caught a monster-sized carp dubbed a “carrot” weighing nearly 70 pounds.

Andy Hackett, 42, made the discovery while fishing on Bluewater Lake in Champagne, France. A 20-year-old female carp weighed 67.5 lbs.

USA Today reports that anglers value the catch for its color, with most giant carp being pale or brown.

“I knew it was a big fish when it took my bait and swept it side to side, up and down,” Hackett told the Daily Mail. “And then it surfaced about 30 or 40 yards away, and I saw it was orange.”

“It was great catching him, but it was also just luck,” he added.

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Andy Hackett, 42, holds a 70-pound carp, nicknamed “Carrot,” that he caught in France.
(Bluewater Lakes)

He said he spent 25 minutes reeling from the fish.

According to the newspaper, Blue Water Lake is one of the most important carp fisheries. It’s so popular that guests have to book in advance.

The “carrot” is released back into the lake. A video released by the Fishing Authority shows Hackett catching the giant fish before returning it to the water.

This giant fish has been stocked for 15 years as “something different for anglers to try to catch,” Jason Cowler, a spokesperson for Bluewater Lakes, told FTW Outdoors.

“It is not the largest inhabitant of the lake, but it is by far the most remarkable,” he said.

Cowler said the orange carp was caught nine times in the last fishing season. In February, I broke the 60-pound mark.

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“I always knew the carrot was in there, but I never thought I’d pick it,” Hackett said.

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