Broadcasting of Match Today BBC interrupted due to sexual noise

A regular episode of the BBC’s “Match of the Day” became a bit of an anomaly when the regular programming was interrupted by sexual noise.

Presenter Gary Lineker managed to keep his face straight and ignore the pornographic voice that started playing on the commentary.

The show was revealing the latest FA Cup match between Wolverhampton and Liverpool when Lineker was drowned out by the loud, exaggerated screams of a woman enjoying himself sexually.

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A visibly amused Lineker tried to ignore the steamy voice and proceeded to cross over to his bemused reporter Alan Shearer, who did well to keep his face straight until Lineker decided to address the raging elephant in the room.

“Alan, he’s fun in the studio, he’s a bit noisy,” he said.

Huff Post later reported that the audio was a joke, revealing loud moaning sounds that were caused by a hidden cellphone “recorded to the back of the set”.

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“Well, we found this one pinned to the back of the kit. With the vandalism going, it was a lot of fun,” Lineker wrote on Twitter.

Written by Narissa Subramoni

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