Calculated Risk: Friday: Employment Report

by Calculated risk on 04/08/2022 08:48:00 PM

Recruitment preview for the month of July

Preview Goldman’s July Payroll

• 8:30 a.m. ET, employment report for the month of July. The consensus is 250,000 jobs added, the unemployment rate unchanged at 3.6%.

On COVID (focus on hospitalization and mortality):

The number of hospitalizations nearly quadrupled from its lowest level in April 2022.

COVID metrics
Currently week
New cases per day2 117350 126.536 50001
in the hospital2 37220 37451 ≤ 30001
daily deaths2 377 397 ≤501
1My goals are to stop daily posts,
27-day average of cases, current patients, and deaths
🚩 An average increase of 7 days per week in cases, hospital stays, and deaths

✅ The goal has been achieved.

Positive COVID-19 tests dailyClick on the chart for a larger picture.

This graph shows the daily average (the bars) and the 7-day average (the line) of reported deaths.

The average daily death rate fell to its lowest level in July 2021 at 214 cases per day.

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