Can you spot the error in a children’s spelling mat in less than five seconds?

Social media users were baffled after discovering an error in a children’s spelling rug.

The picture of the alphabet-themed color rug was shared with Reddit, but it wasn’t long before it went viral — for all the wrong reasons.

The rug shows a visibly wrong letter – but can you spot it in less than five seconds?

The rug is decorated with the 26 letters of the alphabet, along with fun pictures to represent each letter of the alphabet from A to Z, the sun reports.

But while it starts just as you’d expect – with an apple for A and a bear for B – it left people confused when they got to the letter N.

Alongside the photo, the original poster wrote: “Children’s area in the hospital lobby. N is?”

Instead of having a “nose” symbolizing the letter as you might expect, he instead had an image of a chick in an egg.

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Social media users broke their minds, as some made suggestions of what might be the link between the two.

One wrote, “I’m going with my newborn.”

He quipped, “None of your business.”

A third commented, “Nuggets.”

In the meantime, a fourth guessed: “I hatched a new one.”

After a quick thought, the answer becomes clearer, as the cracked crust likely represents a nest or a nest.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission

Originally published as Can You Spot the Error in Kids Spelling Mat in Less Than Five Seconds?

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