Canada is looking for guards for Covid patients

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Paladin Security recently posted a job for a position that didn’t exist before. The company is seeking “patient monitors” to guard COVID patients. Are they looking to set up COVID camps like Australia did? They are looking for around-the-clock jobs to constantly monitor COVID patients. It may seem strange if they hire security guards to watch patients who have any other disease. This C$20 per hour position is an entry-level security position and requires no medical training.


  • Continuously monitor the assigned patient according to the hospital.
  • Accurately keep patient activity log and other forms as directed while conducting direct patient observation.
  • Maintain diligence and continuous assessment of the environment for risks in order to help ensure that a safe environment is maintained.
  • Utilize critical thinking in maintaining personal space with the patient while remaining at an appropriate distance from the patient(s) to intervene if any changes occur in the patient or the environment.
  • Inform the nursing staff of changes in behavior, unusual conditions, or reasonable patient needs.
  • Practice verbal skills to de-escalate potentially hostile patients or visitors.

Imagine if we hired security guards to “de-escalate potentially hostile patients or visitors” to any other disease. Do you want someone to spy on you while you are sick and inform the medical staff of your movements? These individuals have absolutely no medical training but will handle patient records and “conduct direct patient observation”. Why is security required for patients at all? Specifically, Covid patients. We must ask why patients need guarding like prisoners.

This is a form of control. Joe Biden may have veered off the script and declared “the pandemic is over,” but Trudeau is one of Schwab’s favorite young leaders who will continue this madness for as long as voters allow.

“A third of Canadians worry about daily expenses

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