Canadian bank robbers have planned attacks on police officers for years; 6 wounded

Police said Friday that two twin brothers who died in a hail of gunfire last summer outside a Canadian bank had been planning their attack for years with the aim of killing as many officers as possible.

An investigation by Vancouver Island’s Integrated Major Crimes Unit says 22-year-old Isaac Otterlony and his twin Matthew showed up at a Victorian, British Columbia district bank on June 28, 2022, wearing body armor and carrying semi-automatic rifles. .

Police said the couple held strong anti-government and anti-police views and did not expect to move past the confrontation.

“It was determined that the primary objective of the suspects was to shoot and kill police officers in what they perceived as a position against government regulations, particularly with regard to firearms ownership,” said the RCMP corporal. Alex Berubi said during a press conference at the Saanich Police Department.

Canadian police arrest second suspect in fatal stabbing; He was released for previous violent crimes

Police said that when the twins left the bank, members of the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team, who were in the area for unrelated reasons, drove to the car park to assist other officers.

Six officers were wounded in the ensuing melee. An earlier report stated that the police fired as many as 100 rounds at the suspects, killing them.

Berubi said the couple had been planning some kind of “extreme violence” since 2019 and he originally wanted the shootout to happen in mid-2023.

The Canadian twin brothers who robbed a bank mainly focused on attacking police officers. The suspects had been planning this incident for years and it left six officers injured before they were shot dead.

They decide to move up their schedule after finding out they have to move out of the house they shared with their mother.

“The suspects concluded that they could not move their arsenal to a new location without attracting attention, thus choosing the location of the bank at random,” Berubi said.

In the trunk of their car, the police discovered more than 30 explosive devices, four additional firearms and more than 3,500 rounds of ammunition.

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Berube said both brothers held licenses for both unrestricted and restricted firearms.

Police say the 22 employees and customers the men detained during the 16 minutes they spent at the bank were not targeted and were only detained in response to police response.

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