Children among those kidnapped in Burkina Faso last week

It turns out that children were among those kidnapped by suspected jihadists in Burkina Faso last week. The original reports said 50 women were taken – but this latest development rounds the number down to 60.

“The kidnappings were carried out on the 12th and 13th of January, respectively, in the villages of Lekki Bukouma with about forty victims, and Sereni with about twenty victims,” ​​said the governor of the Sahel region, Rudolph Surgo.

“The victims were looking for wild leaves and edible fruits when they were arrested and taken to Jasliky and Gurgel localities,” stated the Public Prosecutor, who explained that “an investigation was launched immediately with the purpose of identifying and apprehending the perpetrators.” “.

Arbinda is in the Sahel, an area under siege by jihadist groups, which makes it difficult to supply food – and prompts locals to forage outside villages.

Surgo said on Monday that searches are underway to find the abductees in the north of the country.

He added, “All avenues are being implemented, on the ground and an air plan to find these women.”

Jihadist violence linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State has engulfed Burkina Faso, killing thousands and displacing nearly two million people in the West African country.

The failure of successive governments to stop the fighting caused widespread discontent and led to two military coups in 2022, the second against the military regime and the first to seize power.

And the military council that seized power last September vowing to restore security is still struggling to stop the violence.

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