Climate activist group Blockade Australia is making a major call on the name of the continent

A notorious climate activist group has issued an outlandish statement condemning Australia’s name and claiming it represents ‘oppressive and exploitative’ regimes.

Blockade Australia launched the four panels on social media pages on Twitter and Facebook just two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. They said the campaign was a “call to action” to “siege the oppressive and exploitative structures called ‘Australia'”.

One of the four slides says: “Australia is not the name of this continent.”

“Australia does not refer to this land, these waters, or the many communities that call this place home.

Australia is the name of the economic and political systems that oppress and exploit this continent and its people.

“These regimes are complex and corrupt and were designed to maximize extraction and maintain a hierarchy of power. They have been in place since the conquest.”

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In the past two days since the photos were posted, the status has attracted 17 shares, 100 comments, and 113 reactions. However, some comments questioned the relevance of the post.

One comment stated, “Our education system has a lot to answer for if it is producing this strange thought process in our youth.”

“Can we keep this page on climate change? If not, I think I will unfollow because this issue is really far from reality.”

Blockade Australia has earned a reputation for their widespread disruptive protests calling for action on climate change. In July this year, up to 11 people were charged for protesting in Sydney’s central business district. It was part of the group’s plan to take to the streets every day to protest the inaction on climate change.

However, the frenzy was called off by Thursday.

“We made a difficult choice to finish packing and wait until next time when we get bigger and stronger,” they shared in a Telegram post.

“We are calling on people to continue to take devastating climate action in any way they can.”

Previously, the Direct Action Group also shut down the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle on the central coast of New South Wales. The demonstrators used ropes and glue and climbed over the machines.

Originally published as a climate activist group, Blockad Australia is doing major work on the name of the continent

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