Colossal AI Artworks: AI artwork

Rafik Anadol is a contemporary digital artist, known for his experiments with data and AI work. The artist reaches new heights in his career with a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Unsupervised, that uses artificial intelligence.

The massive AI artwork is amazing and awesome. Measuring 24′ x 24′, the display occupies much of the gallery’s atrium and “displays an endlessly animated stream of images, each dreaming up as you view an AI model fueled by the museum’s entire artwork collection.” Because the museum’s archive is so large, the AI ​​artwork combines the effects of 180,000 works.

Rafik Anadol describes this work as “a gateway to a new alternate universe created by an artificial intelligence god acting of his own free will”.

Image credit: Refik Anadol

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