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Comment #1: The Dutch Agricultural Crisis campaign in the Netherlands says it all.
As a former British citizen repatriated to the Netherlands, life in the Netherlands was ideal, with plenty on supermarket shelves and a strong export market for food to the rest of Europe.
Food science at its finest. Economical, fruitful and effective for all.

The recent crackdown on farmers to reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers (Nitrogen is the most abundant gas on the planet!!!) came as an unexpected and unjustified shock to the Netherlands and for the good of all. In a one-year time frame, we’ve gone from a land of plenty to a land of maybe. Not to waste food once, and meanwhile store goods in case there are no supplies available tomorrow. It wasn’t about how I envisioned raising my two boys, but it powerfully mirrored the tales my parents told me about their experiences surviving World War II.

Klaus and his corrupt army did what they set out to do. to bear the hardships on the population.
But my parents survived and lived to see a better world, and I, too, strive to follow in their footsteps.
note. By the way, ammonia is a by-product of burning water as fuel.


Comment #2: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Your article on Dutch farmers is all correct. But this story is deeper. This is not about stopping their farms because of these crazy climate policies. All eyes are on farmers while large industries and airports are not even part of the discussion.
All of this of course knowing that nitrogen is just another fake crunch.

What they really want is farmers’ land. They claim they need it to build houses. There is a huge shortage of affordable housing. Partly because these crazy politicians claim that homes can’t be built because of nitrogen problems. While the same politicians welcome ten thousand refugees and immigrants. This is while our youth cannot even get or buy a house.

So in the end the farmers need to turn away their companies and their assets as our corrupt leaders flood our countries with immigrants. Immigrants who are here because of the free money. They don’t share our values, and they don’t want to work. They just want their free lunch.

It’s all part of a great reset.

Keep up the good work!

reply: I’ve talked to scholars in the field and this whole agenda is absolutely outrageous. I suppose this is our fault in electing people with zero experience to public office who are only correcting the cards that have been written for them. This just adds to the chaos our PC predicted for 2023 that we first published in 2019. I was blown away by how everything unfolded as our PC had previously predicted.

I’ve said before, I got a mandate from Hong King to negotiate with Australia to try to buy land for them to transfer before handing it over to China in 1998. I met with former Prime Minister Paul Keating. Nothing you suggested was acceptable. I finally asked him – is that racist? He said no! They are fleeing communism and will vote conservative. It was a labor government. Australia will not allow Hong Kong to move because it would have changed its policies.

All this mass of refugees in Europe and what Biden is doing in the US, is about trying to shift the balance of power to the left assuming that all these have-nots will vote for them and ever shake a penny. Those who made our country what it is today.

Between the nonsense of climate change and this mass invasion of the poor, they are destroying our very way of life to retain power.

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