Corrections: August 4, 2022 – The New York Times

A July 28 article about a plan to reverse the results of the 2020 election by creating voter rolls pledged to Donald Trump in the states he lost incorrectly references the January 6 origins of the Electoral College’s final count. The date is determined by federal law, not by the Constitution.

Wednesday’s entry in the remaining midterm primary election calendar contained outdated information about the candidates in Wisconsin. Governor Mandela Barnes now has a clear path to winning the Democratic nomination for the Senate. He no longer faces a difficult primaries. In the Republican primaries for governor, the main opponent of Lieutenant Colonel Rebecca Cliffish was Tim Michaels. Kevin Nicholson is no longer.

Monday’s article about the impact of the pandemic on parents’ political views reflected the ages of Natalia Murachver’s two children. Violet is 9, and clementine is 5.

A Friday article about Washington Leaders Corporation owner Daniel Snyder agreeing to appear before a congressional committee to investigate his team’s workplace culture miscalculated Snyder’s net worth. His fortune was estimated at $4 billion, not $40 billion.

An article and photo caption on Tuesday about the ways in which dams display floodwater dependent environments incorrectly described the Yellowstone River. It is among the longest unharmed US rivers, not the longest.

Errors are corrected during press operation whenever possible, so some of the errors mentioned here may not appear in all versions.

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