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Readers have generously responded to our recent call, to achieve our ultimate fundraising goal of $35,000 for greater authenticity and to exceed the new donor goal of 1,250 contributors. Our community has made more donations in the last 6 hours than in the previous 12, with 62 donations. This has exceeded our old goal and put us at 1,273 donors! We are raising that target to 1350.

Since our last update, just four hours ago, you’ve successfully hit our financial goal. We are now at $24,255, approaching our $36,000 target for original reporting! This uptick in closing hours is gratifying, as it underscores how much the Naked Capitalism community appreciates this work and wants this site to get better.

Always remember the dollar goes now for the original reports!
Will you be one of the people putting us on top by going to Tip Jar?

We have eight hours left. The 2022 fundraiser will close at midnight PST. Can you help us keep hitting over our weight? Whatever you can offer, $5, $50, or $5,000 all help us reach these end goals and give you more original reporting!

Readers chime in.

From JZ:

And thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing to make NC the best website on the Internet. I can commend every comment I’ve posted from commenters who love NC.

I could not find another site with such great posts as Links, Water Cooler, original posts, guest posts, and the best comments in this area.

and Kathy:

I would be ignorant of almost everything going on in the world today had it not been for Eve, Lambert, posters and other contributors (current and past), intermediaries, members of various brains and commentary (current and past) of abstract capitalism. Worse yet, if I had relied on MSM, I might think of myself as a knowledgeable person, when, in fact, I would have erred and erred. Having said that, even my infrequent (and diminished) adventures in coverage of “The News” reveal that this has become insanely incomprehensible, if not irrelevant, on almost any topic. (And this is an election year. Isn’t that just cool?)


The discussion here was a springboard for all things COVID related, not only because there are sane people with decades of practical experience in medicine speaking their minds (eg, IM Doc), researchers who understand the nuts and bolts, but a community of thin-headed people willing to deliver the speech Official Criticism and Bachelor’s Degree Test.

Once again, kudos to everyone in NC for providing clarity on this, and many others!

Only a few hours left in the fundraising campaign for Naked Capitalism. Support critical thinking, ruthlessly get rid of lame intellectuals, dive deep into murky financial waters, and portraits of cute animals.

Every dollar you give now goes to support more original reporting. And while we’re happy to raise close to $25,000, think how modest that is compared to newsroom budgets, not to mention those of think tanks we regularly cut back on. Make a high-leverage investment in unpacking propaganda and exposing distortions that help support plunder and policies that serve the rich at the expense of the rest of us.

Be one of the last to push your fundraiser to the top. Let’s see if we can reach 1,350 donors and provide more funding for the original reports before that effort ends, midnight PST. Every donation helps us achieve our goals and make this site even better.

There are multiple ways to donate. The first is the fundraising page, where you can use a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account (the fee will be in the name of Aurora Advisors).

You may also send a check (or multiple post-dated checks) in the name of Aurora Advisors Incorporated to

Aurora Advisors Incorporated
164 Circle Peachtree
Mountain Brook, L35213

Please also email with the subject “Check in the Mail” (and just $ is on the way in the message) to include your contribution in the total number of donations.

Once again, I am very grateful for this response from our readers. Lambert and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have already donated. If you can give as little as $5, $10, $50, or $5,000, it all makes an impact. You are investing in creating a different debate, a different vision, and a different, more just society.

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