One He would have thought that finding the right clothes would be easy for a beauty pageant finalist like Veena Rajee – however, she revealed that’s not always the case.

Despite having an hourglass figure, the former Miss Malaysia World 2015 winner and runner-up in Miss Malaysia Indian Global 2013 says she struggles to find the right outfit that matches her slim silhouette.

“Finding an outfit became difficult because of my curvaceous body. The standard size clothes available in the market were always unsuitable, be it fit or material.

“I have a curvy figure, so I had to be selective about what I could wear and what made me look skinny. I’ve even considered losing some weight (in certain parts) to fit certain types of clothes,” said Vina.

Veena enjoys an active lifestyle while her job requires communication and getting to know clients, which requires her to dress well for meetings.

“It’s been a constant problem finding the right kind of clothing. I’ll order online and when the costume arrives, the material won’t look good or won’t fit my figure. Moreover, international sizes are too big for an Asian body,” Veena shared her frustration.

Oftentimes, Veena had to hire a tailor to change clothes to fit her body. Her frustration with the situation has only grown over the years.

This eventually motivated her to create her own online clothing company, thus, Femnine, a Singapore-based brand that suits all local body types, was born.

From five figures to fashion designer

Veena has been in banking and finance for more than a decade, but in February 2021, she was laid off from her five-figure job in Singapore, which in turn led her to realize her true dream that she’s nurtured ever since she was a young woman.

Despite her interest in the fashion world, Veena admitted that it took her a long time to admit her dream.

Growing up in a conservative family, Veena was required to have a “proper education” and a “proper job”.

“So I studied accounting. For 11 years, I worked in the fields of banking and finance, but only two years ago I decided that designing clothes was what I really wanted to do. So, it was now or never, [and] I took a leap of faith,” Veena revealed.

“Personally, I prefer the elegant aesthetic, and the simple and elegant silhouette, which it reflects in my design. I am a very elegant person. I love to dress up.”

She added, “So, I wanted to make clothes that are attractive, with the right design and fabric to make sure they fit the Asian body, but [that] It also makes it more reasonable and affordable for the middle-income population, which is the largest market in this region and will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Second, startups started thriving when many countries went into lockdown in 2020. The shutdown has actually led to a resurgence of creativity in arts and crafts and food preparation, and while these new businesses started online, major companies have been moving online as well to reach masses wider.

Third, Veena believes that no one wants to wear the same outfit as someone else.

Some outlets or online clothing stores sell the same dress to hundreds of people, so when you attend a party, another person may appear in the same dress.

Veena herself got into such a situation when one of her colleagues wore the same dress to the office, and it was embarrassing for both of them all day long.

Fourth, Veena has noticed a shift in target consumers, with most online buyers in their 30s. “I am a millennial. We are the future and our needs are changing,” said Vena.

With all this in mind and realizing the potential of her business, Veena decided to plunge into the new venture and create a new clothing line. She also took a big risk by investing her life savings in Femnine.

Defining a feminine woman

Veena believes in highlighting diverse body shapes in her designs and as such she creates trendy collections, with simple silhouettes made from the highest quality materials.

She chooses fabrics such as cotton, satin, French crepe, and viscose, which fall beautifully on any body type and make a particularly curvaceous body.

Describing her fashion designs as elegant and simple but also elegant, comfortable and practical, said Vina, “Anyone who wears them will feel comfortable. Most importantly, it is the type of clothing that makes a person confident.

“Most of my clients prefer practical designs, and not everyone wants to look like they just walked off the Milan runway.”

Her attire ranges from cocktail dresses, casual, semi-casual, business attire or fun attire for brunch with friends.

Before she completes her collection, she asks herself a few questions:

“Is it comfortable? Does the woman who wears these clothes feel confident in them? Will I wear the design myself?”

“The women are basically modern women who live in cosmopolitan cities,” said Fina. “They know what they want and are not afraid to express themselves. [They are] Women’s Empowerment “.

365 days of beautiful clothes

Veena’s newest group has been called 365 days in summer. Composed of a mix of cocktail wear and semi-casual wear, it is inspired by the warm climate of Southeast Asia.

“We come from an area that is warm all year round. We hardly change our wardrobes every season. Our clothes are consistent all year round.

“So, I wanted to make the collection visible, vibrant with colors, wearable 365 days a year and choosing materials that are appropriate for our climate.”

The new ensemble includes a black, gold-studded dress and a blue one-shoulder dress, perfectly fitting a curved figure – her favorite pieces. In fact, many women who tried them on complimented her, saying that the dresses fit them perfectly.

Sizes currently available range from XS to L, or UK 6 to UK 12, but they plan to add more sizes in the future.

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