Digital Media Law: Center for the introduction of a law to regulate digital media: I & B Minister Anurag Thakur

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur said the center is working on a draft law to regulate digital media. He said that there was a one-way communication of news earlier, but with the development of electronic and digital media, news transmission has become multidimensional.

Now, even small news about a village reaches the national platform through digital media, he said on Wednesday.

Thakur said in a statement that the government has left most print, electronic and digital media to self-regulation.

“Digital media presents opportunities as well as challenges. To strike a good balance, the government will see what can be done in this matter. I would say changes should be brought into the law, and we will work towards that to make your work simple and easy,” Thakur said at an event organized by India’s Mahanagar Times. Newspapers. Thakur also said that the newspaper registration process will be simplified and the central government will soon pass a new law to replace the Press and Book Registration Act of 1867.

Under the new law, it will be possible to complete the registration process, which now takes about four months, in a week through online mode.

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The minister also said that newspapers should bring “the right news” to the general public at the “right time”.

Besides the government’s shortcomings, he said, public welfare programs and government policies should reach the general public, urging the media to do their work “responsibly” and avoid creating an atmosphere of “fear and confusion”.

Thakur assured the reporters that the center looked after their interests and added that financial aid had been provided to the families of the journalists who died due to Covid-19.

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