Donald Trump 2024: New York Post front-page troll ad

Unsurprisingly, reactions to Donald Trump’s announcement of his third White House bid on Tuesday ranged from scrambled to outraged.

But by far, the most brutal response came out of courtesy New York Post — which I hardly considered noteworthy.

The main story on the front page of the Wednesday print edition of the paper was devoted to a major crackdown on the city’s out-of-control gang violence.

The yellow band along the bottom of the first page read disparagingly, “Florida man makes an announcement.”

The short story, buried all the way on page 26, was even more brutal.

“I was there, without it,” was written in the headline.

The story continued: “With only 720 days left before the next election, a Florida retiree made a surprise announcement Tuesday night that he’s running for president.”

In a move no upcoming political guru expected, avid golfer Donald J. Trump kicked things off at Mar-a-Lago, his resort and secret document library.

Trump, famous for his gold-plated lobbyists and being fired from reality TV, will turn 78 in 2024. If elected, Trump will tie Joe Biden as the oldest president in office. His cholesterol levels are unknown, but his favorite food is charred steak with ketchup. .

He has stated that his qualifications for the position include being a “stable genius”.

Trump also served as the forty-fifth president.

The paper, which is owned by News Corp – publisher of – officially jumped off the Trump train last week after the Republicans’ lackluster performance in the midterm elections.

The widely anticipated “red wave” largely failed to materialize except in Florida, where Republican governor and likely 2024 challenger Ron DeSantis, 44, won re-election in a landslide.

Many of the endorsements Trump picked weren’t enough, prompting renewed calls for the party to act and support DeSantis.

On Thursday, the paper ran a scathing front cover calling the former president “Trumpty Dumpty.”

“Don (who couldn’t build a wall) had a major fall–can all the GOP guys get the party back together again?” The cover read, referring to an article by political analyst John Podhoretz.

In the article, Podhoretz argued that three consecutive elections have proven that “toxic Trump is the political equivalent of a raid can.”

“What Tuesday night’s results suggest is that Trump may be the most out of votes in modern American history,” he wrote.

The surest way to lose this midterm election was to be a Trump politician. This is not an exaggeration.

With the exception of states in deep red where a body of Republicans would have been defeated by a Democrat, voters who pick in truly competitive races — who everyone expected to act like midterm voters usually do and lean toward the outgoing party — have taken one look at Trump’s handpicked and gagged aides. “.

The front page of “Trumpty Dumpty” infuriated Mr. Trump, who issued a disjointed, rambling statement declaring war on Mr. DeSantis — having previously taken only light blows — and smashing News Corp.

Newscorp, which is Fox, Wall Street JournalAnd it’s not cool anymore New York Post (I give back the colonel!), all to Governor Ron de Sanctimoneus, a Mediterranean republican governor with great PR, who didn’t have to lock down his state, but did, unlike other republican governors, whose overall numbers of Republicans, were just average – IN THE MID OF THE PACKAGE – INCLUDING Covid, AND WHO HAVE THE SUNSHINE ADVANTAGE, WHERE PEOPLE FROM THE MADLY RUN STATES IN THE NORTH WILL GO NO WAY REGARDLESS OF THE Governer, Just Like I Did! The statement began.

last week, The Wall Street Journal The editorial board also targeted Mr. Trump.

“Mr. Trump screwed up the 2022 election, and he could give the Democrats the Senate for another two years,” the editorial read.

Trump has had political successes as president, including tax cuts and deregulation, but he has led Republicans into one policy failure after another.

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