E-scooter laws: Queensland e-scooter fined by police

An image of an e-bike rider being fined by four police officers has sparked a debate about whether Australia has become a nanny country.

A cyclist was stopped by four policemen as they were traveling along a footbridge in Brisbane.

A new law in Queensland requires users of e-scooters and e-bikes to stay below 12km/h on lanes.

Those who break the law, which was introduced this month, can be fined up to $575 for speeding, with the penalty increasing to up to $1,078 if driving is deemed dangerous by police.

Commentators were divided on the police’s actions.

“Typical nanny country, money grabbing racket,” one person wrote.

“Just what we need. Four policemen are on a bridge to protect civilians from motorcyclists,” said another.

But others said they were pleased to see the police clamping down on e-scooter riders.

“Beautiful! This year alone, I missed a toothpick twice,” someone said.

While another person said: “Good. Slow down. This stuff is dangerous.”

The new Queensland law, which was passed on November 1, also says that e-scooters and e-bikes can be used on road bike lanes where the speed limit is less than 50km/h or they are separated from the road.

Riders must obey the laws of the road, wear a helmet and have a road bell installed

This article was originally published as police were seen fining an e-bike rider days after a new law was introduced

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