Eight models were gang-raped while filming a music video in South Africa

Eight models have been gang-raped at gunpoint by a group of up to 80 men who ambushed actors and a gospel music video crew in the wilds of South Africa.

The production team was reportedly unloading equipment and erecting an abandoned mine when the armed gang, on the outskirts of Krugersdorp, a small town near Johannesburg, attacked on July 28.

According to the police, the gang forced their way into the video shoot and raped eight women between the ages of 18 and 35 from the cast.

“The crew of 22 people – 12 women and 10 men – were busy filming a music video when they were allegedly attacked by a group of armed men in blankets,” Gauteng County Commissioner of Police, Lieutenant General Elias Muela, said in a statement.

“The suspects ordered everyone to lie down, and proceeded to rape eight women and stole all their belongings before fleeing the scene,” he said.

All of their video equipment was stolen from the crew.

“Police are investigating 32 counts of rape.”

More than 80 men suspected of the gang rape of eight women and the armed robbery of a video production crew in Krugersdorp appeared in court on Monday, the Washington Post reported.

The men were reportedly arrested at an abandoned mining site for being in the country illegally after rapes and robberies near the abandoned mine. National Police Commissioner Fanny Massimola said their DNA is being tested, and they have not been linked positively to the crimes.

According to the Sunday Times South Africa, a gang of illegal miners wearing Basotho blankets broke into the filming and opened fire with their weapons.

When the women of the cast tried to escape, they were surrounded and raped one by one.

A 19-year-old victim said she told her attacker that she had an abortion in an attempt to avoid further rape, according to the Sunday Times report.

“I had no way out but to lie, because they were picking us up one by one. There were others who were raped by six to ten men,” she said.

Her 21-year-old sister, who was raped in a pit, said the girls’ ordeal lasted four hours.

The woman who organized the models said that she tried to protect them from rapists and was violated first.

The woman who organized the models said that she felt responsible for the girls because their parents had entrusted her with their safety.

“I was blaming myself, thinking that if it weren’t for me, these girls wouldn’t be there,” she told the outlet.

I felt responsible and wanted to take all the pain so they wouldn’t touch the girls.

“The first person who was raped was me. The first time they took me to the bush and the second time they took me to a hole where no one can see us. They kept telling the young boys we raped and beat them and forced them to.

Then the little boys take us, one by one, into the bush. The last time they raped me was in front of the other group.”

Even the men were stripped naked and robbed of their personal belongings, Police Minister Becky Seely told reporters on the sidelines of a ruling party conference in Johannesburg.

According to Seely, laboratory studies of the victims’ DNA samples will be used to identify their perpetrators. Some of the arrested suspects are expected to face additional charges related to illegal immigration and illegal mining.

“It seems like they are foreigners, they are basically zama zamas,” Silo said, referring to the people who are illegally exploiting mines in the country.

Speaking to News24 on condition of anonymity to prevent reprisals, a West Village resident in Krugersdorp said the attack was not a surprise.

“They have long terrorized the population and we hear gunshots at night,” she said.

“It is nothing new. It is an old and persistent problem that frustrates us all.

Women were previously raped and dragged into the bush. The problem with Zama Zama is an old one, but we are now in a place where it is devastating and dangerous.”

The villager said the illegal miners fought among themselves for the illegal ownership of the old mine and the residents who used it for recreational and other purposes.

“There are a lot of killings and battles between them fighting and killing each other,” she continued.

“Every morning you see their bodies on the side of the road. It will never stop.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa told a news conference that he had ordered the police minister to make sure “the perpetrators are caught and dealt with”.

The latest attack infuriated community and women’s organizations, who said such incidents are common throughout Krugersdorp.

“We will demand that the police station be brought under management because the community has reported many crimes committed by the Zama-Zamas but nothing has been done,” Zandil Dabola, general secretary of Operation Dodola, an organization protesting against illegal immigrants in South Africa, according to the Associated Agency. Press.

The organization was reportedly part of Monday’s protest outside Krugersdorp court.

“Obviously they have failed to deal with crime in this area, so they should be brought under management,” Dabola said.

Rape in South Africa is underreported, but on average one such crime is reported to the police every 12 minutes in the country.

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