Espresso machines are being auctioned off on Twitter, while the company is struggling

Elon Musk’s mobile Twitter page with his polls to step down as Twitter chief

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Twitter is auctioning off espresso machines, kegerators, computers, and even oversized neon screens bearing the company’s logo as the social messaging service is reported to be late on office rent payments.

Interested buyers can view a variety of items Twitter wants to sell via the website of Heritage Global Partners, which is conducting the auction.

Rotisserie cookers, multiple refrigerators, and pizza ovens are among the many kitchen essentials Twitter sells. Some of the office equipment includes several television sets, desks, and conference equipment.

The company even sells a neon electric sign that prominently displays the company’s bird logo. As of Monday afternoon, someone has bid $17,500 for the neon sign.

The equipment comes from the company’s San Francisco office and appears to be another sign that new owner Elon Musk is looking to cut costs amid several financial difficulties, with several companies halting their Twitter advertising campaigns.

Several civil rights groups have urged the companies to stop advertising on Twitter over allegations that the company failed to prevent the spread of hate speech and other offensive content on its platform.

Musk himself has hinted at the company’s dire financial straits, though he said in late December that it was no longer on the “fast track” to bankruptcy. In December, The New York Times reported that Twitter had stopped paying rent on all of the company’s offices.

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