Eva Mendes is hinting at marrying Ryan Gosling

eva mendes This inconspicuous wrist tattoo might be short and cute, but it could hold a deeper, larger meaning that alludes to her famous personal life — specifically her 11-year relationship with actor Ryan Gosling.

A new Instagram post on Tuesday showed Mendes covering her face with her wrist, inking the words “De Gosling” on it.

In Spanish culture, the use of “de” or “of” unites a woman’s last name with her husband’s after marriage, meaning that a star tattoo can refer to “Mrs. Gosling’s address.”

This isn’t the first time fans have caught a glimpse of Mendes ink.

The sentimental tattoo was first spotted in another Instagram photo shared in September, which led to her followers referring to Gosling as Mendes’ husband.

Mendes and Gosling first met on the set the place beyond the pines in 2011, where they played a couple with a baby boy.

Their on-screen chemistry turned to real-life love shortly after filming wrapped, as the two began their relationship, sharing two daughters together.

In September 2016, us weekly She reported that the two had secretly tied the knot. However, sources close to the couple later denied that the wedding took place, in a report published People.

In recent years, Mendes and Gosling have shared tidbits about their home lives with their daughters, Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee, whom they welcomed in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

while talking with People In August about her new partnership with Skura Style, of which she is the brand’s ambassador and co-owner, Mendes said, “My men and boys” are the ones she calls home.

“Wherever they are, that’s exactly what it is,” Mendes said.

Gosling himself also shared what his life was like as a father of two, revealing how his two daughters have been the inspiration for some of his latest projects.

Barbie It was a way of doing it,” he shared. “Not necessarily that I’m making it up to them, but it’s the first time I think they kind of understand [it]. “

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