Extinction Rebellion protesters arrest demonstrators after sticking themselves to the road

Two climate activists have been arrested after protesting against the sponsor of a major international event to be held in Australia over the coming weeks.

On Thursday, activists from Extinction Rebellion barricaded themselves on the road to protest Santos, the title sponsor of Tour Down Under, a cycling event held in South Australia.

The “Rebels” blocked an eastbound lane on Flinders Street in the Adelaide CBD, just outside the Santos building, and held signs calling for Santos to sink the Green Event as its sponsor.

A pile of bikes was plastered to the road, with fake oil trailing from the building on top of the bikes and the protesters themselves.

In a tweet, the Climate Action group said two of its members had been arrested.

“Anna and Anne have been separated from their relations and arrested by the police,” they wrote.

Both were charged for obstructing traffic.

The group confirmed that the demonstrations would continue throughout the “Tour Down Under” tour.

“We will be disabling greenwashing and Santos Sportswear throughout TDU,” she said.

Extinction Rebellion revealed that it will carry out a series of 11 upsets throughout the event, which is set to run from January 13-22, and urged organizers to drop Santos as sponsor.

“Unless otherwise, said procedures will continue for approximately two hours and end once the procedures are completed,” a group statement read.

Most actions will take place at or near the starting site. We will maintain a visible presence throughout our public actions, so keep an eye out for banners and flags around the TDU event for this action.

“Be aware that some members of the public may be agitated or hostile in our presence. You don’t need to become engaged or respond.”

Originally published as Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested after sticking themselves to road

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